Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Hermit Thrush

I am trying to compile a photographic record of all plants and animals found at Blue Jay Barrens.  At the moment, I am capturing images only as opportunity allows.  Beginning next year, this photography project will share the top priority slot in my list of management activities alongside invasive species control.  While taking a break from my woodland management activities, this Hermit Thrush took up an easy to view position not far in front of me.

I usually have an awful time photographing birds anywhere else than at my feeder.  In this case, despite an abundance of sight obstructing tree trunks, thickly branched shrubs and fallen limbs, the thrush continually chose resting sites that afforded me an unobstructed view.

The Hermit Thrush is a rare nester in Ohio.  This one was probably on its way north.

I was lucky enough to view this bird capturing and consuming an earthworm.

In addition to still photos, I am attempting to get a short bit of video of each species.  So far I’ve captured a lot of video of unmoving animals that occasionally blink or swallow.  The Hermit Thrush was kind enough to capture a worm just as I got it in my view finder.  The video above has not been edited to remove the shaky portions, because that would have removed most of the video.  If camera motion bothers you, do not watch this video.