Sunday, July 19, 2009

Apple Eating Lessons

The mother deer has brought her fawns into the yard with her as she searches for fallen fruit from our apple tree. The fawns are not yet weaned, but they try to eat apples. It’s a skill they’ve not yet begun to master. This guy finally tired of trying and let the apple fall to the ground.

Its sibling came over to have a try at the apple.

Both are interested in the fruit, but seem to have forgotten how to get started. The apples are small and green. Not something I would be interested in eating at this stage of development.

They turn to look at Mom as she demonstrates the proper procedure. By the time the fruit falling from this tree is actually close to being ripe, these young deer will be old enough to chew and swallow the juicy morsels.

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  1. What a nice story to observe. Thanks for sharing it with us. It made me remember how once when I was a kid I saw a giraffe eat an apple in Zoo. I was really impressed how it straddled its hind feet then bended his forefeet and then finally picked an apple with its mouth.