Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Redbud Pods

Temperatures are beginning to moderate and the snow will soon be gone. This can be a critical period for wildlife searching for enough food to carry them through this last little bit of winter. Last year’s crop of seeds and fruits is not as abundant as it was a few months ago, but there still seems to be some around. Something has been tearing into these Redbud pods and pulling out the seeds.

Most of the Redbuds are still carrying a load of seed pods. Redbud produces a nutritious seed that is eaten by many species of birds. Each one of these pods holds about a half dozen seeds.

There are still plenty of pods filled with seeds. Removing the seeds from the dried pod can be a bit of work and may explain why these seeds are still around. I imagine that birds take the easiest to get meals first.

It won’t be long before these pods drop and the Redbud develops flowers. Once on the ground the seeds will be made available to a new cast of consumers.

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