Saturday, May 8, 2010

Turkey Brawl

During the first week of May, a lone male Wild Turkey can be a quiet and peaceful animal.

Add a second male and things can get exciting. These guys are at their reproductive peak and are used to being surrounded by a harem of females. Most of those females have completed their clutch of eggs and are now spending their time on the nest. Conflicts are bound to arise between the restless males.

The two antagonists spared the dining area and took their battle out to the field. Turkey number 3, who is just trying to produce a successful display, watches the fight.

As the fight draws closer, number 3 begins to move away.

The combatants turn away, so number 3 turns back around to watch.

The battle again changes direction and number 3 is directly in its line.

Suddenly, the spectator is too close to the action.

The pair calls a temporary truce in order to join forces against number 3.

The two begin to circle the new opponent, probing for a weakness.

Number 3 makes it clear that he’s a gobbler, not a squabbler. Any wandering hens belong to him.


  1. Interesting play-by-play!!! Great shots. You were in the right place at the right time this time. ~karen

  2. Great story and pics. Last month I observed lots of fighting between sparrows and pigeons. It was interesting to see turkeys in action too!