Sunday, October 24, 2010

Late Season Butterflies

Despite the cold, dry weather and the lack of nectar sources, I’m still seeing several butterflies around Blue Jay Barrens. The most abundant is the Buckeye. This is a southern immigrant that won’t survive the winter in Ohio. I can’t remember a year where I’ve seen this many Buckeyes.

The occasional Clouded Sulphur can still be found in the field. This is a common resident that is normally abundant every year.

The Variegated Fritillary is another immigrant. I don’t see this species very often at Blue Jay Barrens. I’ve seen several during the past month.

Meadow Fritillaries have been especially abundant this year. They prefer a moist habitat, so it’s interesting that I’m seeing so many in this super dry year. Maybe the abundant rainfall early in the year set the stage for a population explosion of this species.

Checkered Skippers are still abundant, but they seem to have ceased their egg laying activities. Most of the individuals I see are just resting spread-winged in the sun.

There must be a lot of butterflies around if they’re all trying to squeeze into the same picture. This year has had an extraordinary abundance of butterflies. I hope the butterfly bonanza continues on into next year.


  1. It HAS been the Year of the Butterfly, hasn't it? What joy they bring!

  2. We were in the car yesterday and noticed how many butterflies there seem to be everywhere. It's amazing how they dive bomb windshields at this time of the year.

    Great images once again.

  3. Hi Steve.. well you know my situation and butterflies!! "No bonanza here"
    Not everybody had a over abundance of them! : {
    Very nice for you to be still seeing them still!!

  4. Hi, Karen. I thoroughly enjoyed the butterflies this year. Maybe next year will be even better.

    Thanks, Lois. It does seem that they sometimes like to attack cars.

    Grammie g, it's because of your butterfly situation that I posted these pictures. I thought it was such a shame that you were up there in Maine with a bump on your head and no butterflies to look at, so I rounded up these guys and posted their pictures just for you. Hope you're feeling better and that last test did some good.