Saturday, May 21, 2011

Feeder Alliance

The Wild Turkey breeding season is coming to a close. A few of the males are still displaying, even though molting tail feathers are making the sight less impressive.

Most of the females are sticking close to their nests. Those that show up at the bird feeder have no interest in a displaying male.

Feed on the ground is quickly cleaned up and the feeding birds disperse. This fellow missed out on the feast because of his need to display, but now he seems to have a look of anticipation. He’s keenly interested in something occurring above his head.

Gray Squirrel numbers have declined and I only see a few coming to the feeder. They tend to stay in the tree when the turkeys come to eat.

The squirrels normally reach the feeder by leaping from the tree trunk. The feeder tips and swings at the squirrel’s contact and I’ll bet you can guess what else happens.

Feed falls to the ground every time a squirrel visits the feeder. This turkey has figured that out and it will stand looking into the tree awaiting the arrival of a hungry squirrel. I’m still waiting for the turkey to jump up there and spill seed for himself.


  1. I have the same thing in my yard, but instead of turkeys it is Spotted Towhees and Song Sparrows getting a free meal. Gotta love feeder dynamics.

  2. You're right, Mike. We put those feeders out there with the expectation of being entertained and our feeder visitors never fail to provide that for us.