Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tractor Invasion

I found the large prairie being overrun with tractors. I guess it wasn’t a great threat, but it did get me thinking about a time in the past when tractors were used for plowing, planting and harvesting this field. Before that it would have been mule power. It makes me wonder what would have been here if the land had remained undisturbed during the last 200 years.

Though they were abundant, these tractors were pretty well behaved. They look like part of a pajama pattern. I’m sure you know what it really is.

I’m beginning to wonder if my perception is off. First I mistake a bit of the local flora for a discarded volleyball and now I spot a bit of trash in the prairie and think it’s an expanding batch of milkweed seeds.

It’s just 2011 balloon number 4. The rain of discarded helium balloons has remained fairly constant for the last 25 years. I guess ceremonial balloon releases are not impacted by changes in the economy. There are several local children who would have been thrilled at a tractor themed birthday party. Perhaps that’s where this came from. Was this a single balloon that escaped the grip of a child or was it part of a mass release? I guess the lesson being taught is that it’s OK to litter as long as the trash is being thrown into the sky and not directly onto the ground.


  1. Ah, yes, there is surely up trash and down trash. It's still all trash. :\

  2. Some time back,I parked and watched the local Ford dealership releasing their balloons to the heavens.I later called and asked what they do with their leftover balloons,sending them skyward was not something they do,but I told them otherwise.Rick

  3. Hi, Lois. At least if a balloon hits you it hurts less than getting hit by a piece of a communications satellite.

    Hi, Rick. It’s funny how often you see people and companies doing things that they assure you they never do.