Saturday, January 21, 2012

Unstressed Deer

The stress of winter is supposed to be one of the primary factors in reducing the deer population.  This winter has been so easy on the deer that I think they’re still putting on weight.

The doe with the injured leg is not only still alive; she’s lost that gaunt look of two months ago and appears as healthy as the rest.  At this rate, she’ll survive the winter and go on to have two or three fawns in the spring.

I’m beginning to wonder if she’s got some other worldly force helping her.  Those eyes definitely look possessed.

The Crows aren’t afraid, but they prefer not to have the deer facing them.

Apparently, it’s much safer to stay behind the deer.

The maturing fawns are still showing the cuteness of youth.

This youngster is already showing signs of his maleness.  Those bumps behind the eyes are the buds that will become antlers late next summer.


  1. Great family portraits. I agree about the cuteness. :)

  2. Hi Lois. One of those cut little guys was blocking the end of my driveway a few minutes ago when I got home. He had to do some skating to get across the icy road and out of my way.

  3. ...they do look nice and plump! The deer I see on the Little Miami look well fed too. It's definitely been a strange winter.

  4. Hi Kelly. According to the long range weather forecasts, this strange winter is going to continue.