Sunday, February 12, 2012

So Many Deer - So Little Corn

As soon as snow began to cover the ground, the deer swarmed to the bird feeder looking for some bits of corn.  They reminded me of people mobbing the grocery store for bread and milk ahead of a snow storm. 

Just as you would expect from the pre-storm grocery crowd, there were some aggressive individuals in the mix.  This doe wanted corn, but didn’t want to share the table.

One by one she chased off the rest of the herd.

Eventually, she had the corn to herself.  Her chasing probably burned off more calories than she recovered from the corn.

Her companions huddled out of reach.  They acted like children, each encouraging the others to move forward to see if all is clear.

They finally retired to the field in search of more standard and substantial food items.


  1. Great series. :) It's interesting to see the snow up there. We didn't have any before we left a couple of weeks ago. No snow (or icebergs) down here. ;)

  2. Thanks Lois. We ended up with a total of three inches of snow by the time it ended Saturday morning. The sunny weather has melted most of what's in the open and the 40 degree temperatures predicted for tomorrow should melt the rest. Glad to hear that you're not having any iceberg problems.