Saturday, March 24, 2012

Garter Snake

It’s the middle of March and I’ve already had my second snake encounter.  I hope this means that 2012 is shaping up to be the year of the snakes. 

I was working around the front of the house when I heard the frightened squawk of a Green Frog followed by a splash in the Water Garden.  I peaked around the corner of the house to see what was going on and immediately spied the answer.  One frog startled by one very pretty Garter Snake. 

I think the frog was a bit larger than the snake could have handled, but I guess the safest course is always to run away.

One of my reasons for having a Water Garden outside the front door is to increase my chances of viewing interesting wildlife.  So far I’ve had four species of snakes attracted to this area.  I believe that to be a positive experience, but many people claim that attracting snakes is a reason for NOT having a Water Garden near your house.  I don’t argue the point.  I just think that those people are a little bit odd.

I eventually crowded the snake and it took to the water to hide.  I’m sure it will stay around, but as the plants around the Water Garden get taller, the snakes will be harder to see.  Those same people with odd ideas about Water Gardens outside the door also advise me that it’s not wise to allow thick, weedy growth up near the house.  I then point out how fortunate it is that none of those plants are weeds.


  1. I agree. They're the odd ones, even though we are in the minority. :~)

  2. Hi James. It used to bother me to always be in the minority, but I think I'm now used to it.