Saturday, July 21, 2012


A half inch of rain at Blue Jay Barrens had the frogs Dancing for Joy.

Actually, that Cope’s Gray Treefrog was swimming and doing more of a water ballet than a dance.  It soon hauled itself out of the water.  This species of frog is primarily terrestrial and only enters open water when it’s time to lay eggs.  It was my approach that caused it to jump into the pool.

You would think this frog was watching for food, but it was really interested in something else.

High above the artificial pool, treefrogs were using the barn wall as a calling platform.

Male treefrogs claim territories near their chosen breeding pool.  From there, they produce their call in an attempt to attract a mate.  They’ll breed through the summer and are most active right after a rain.

When the available breeding pool is small, such as a 100 gallon watering trough, choice calling territories are limited and the males become crowded together.  This is an ideal opportunity to view the range of colors and patterns produced by this species.

In an attempt to defend their chosen territories, males will chase off any interlopers.  Despite their suction cup toes, a chase across a vertical wall is often less than graceful.

If chasing doesn’t work, the two males will join in combat.  A series of squeaks and grunts generally identifies the site of a scuffle.  These two combatants seem to have had enough of my interference.  I decided to turn out my light and give them some privacy.

A Camera Critters submission.


  1. Hi Steve...Your first photo is a great one ..does look like a ballet pose! : }
    Amazing little creatures they are,and can make so much noise...loved this post!!
    I also think that the Rose Pink is gorgeous, so many beautiful wildflowers that don't get seen!!
    Have a great weekend !!

  2. Such interesting little creatures!

  3. Are you sure these guys are truly 'guys'? nice captures in your 'pond'

  4. Hi Grace. That was definitely a very talented frog.

    Hi Pat.

    Thanks Marie.

    Hi Joanne. They were definitely all boys.

  5. Beautiful action shots! Have a great weekend.

    My Loyal companion Pet, come and see.