Saturday, September 15, 2012

Always Check the Unusual

I never pass up the opportunity to examine something that just doesn’t look quite right.  As I was walking through the field, I noticed Field Thistle flower heads showing what seemed to be a central disk.  That is something that should not be.

There was definitely something odd about the center of the flower, but it didn’t appear to be a part of the flower itself.

It seemed to be an animal.  I began to think Japanese Beetle.

Definitely a beetle, but not Japanese.  It was really digging deep into the flowerhead.

It took some poking to get the beetle to back its head out of the flower.  This is a Dark Flower Scarab, Euphoria sepulcralis, a type of Flower Beetle.  These big flower beetles are fun to watch as they wallow around inside a big flower.  They remind me of desert travelers in the old movies who would jump into the oasis pool and whoop around splashing water all over themselves.


  1. And, just after you snapped that last image he probably looked up and asked you what you were doing taking his picture. ;)

    Nice series.

  2. Thanks Lois. He began burrowing back into the flower as soon as I pulled him out.