Friday, June 10, 2016

Red-headed Woodpeckers

Red-headed Woodpecker numbers continue to climb at Blue Jay Barrens.  There are at least five individuals that regularly visit the yard, and I frequently see others about the property.

Of course, the Red-headed Woodpecker has a ways to go before it displaces the Blue Jay as the most noticeable bird species here.

The birds are most easily observed at the feeder. 

Sunflower seeds are collected in quantity…

… and removed to nearby deadwood snags to be opened and consumed.

It’s generally just one woodpecker at a time at the feeder.  Others wait in the trees for their turn at the seed.

I’m becoming used to hearing the calls of these beautifully colored birds.  I hope the Blue Jay Barrens population continues to grow.


  1. I would like to get permission to use the photo of the red headed woodpecker with the blue jay, If you would allow it. I have a story about the two of them here: I would be glad to give a photo credit too.

    1. Hi, Marty. Please send your request to my email and I will respond from there.

  2. Hi steve,

    Any thoughts on what may be helping increase these birds on your property? These birds are hard to find in central PA.

    1. Hi, David. Red-headed Woodpeckers are also uncommon in most of Southern Ohio. Logging activities during the last ten years have really opened up the woodland on neighboring properties. I imagine this made the area better meet the habitat needs of these birds. I wonder how the woodpecker population will change as the woodlands recover from the logging and become more dense.