Sunday, October 4, 2009

American Lady

This butterfly is the American Painted Lady. It's unusual for me to see one of these in October. I’m most likely to see this species in the spring as it tries to lay eggs on the leaves of the pussytoes.

The light frost we had wasn’t enough to hurt the goldenrod, so there’re still plenty of flowers for nectaring. The nectar source here is the Grass-leaved Goldenrod.

The underside of the hind wing has a pattern that reminds me of antique lace. This contrasts very nicely with that bright flash of orange on the forewing.

The orange-brown of the upper side is attractive, but just doesn’t have the distinctness of the underside.

This American Lady seemed intent on drinking as much nectar as possible and didn’t seem disturbed by my attempts to get into position for some shots. Knowing the direction the weather’s taking, makes it a little bit sad seeing autumn butterflies. I wonder if this one will migrate or try to survive the winter here.

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