Monday, November 9, 2009

Embarrassed Deer

This is the face a deer that is both startled and embarrassed. In pursuit of love, he forgot his basic survival instincts and just about walked over the top of a human.

I was standing about ten feet to the side of a trail when three does ran up the trail and shot by me more quickly than my camera could awaken. After they disappeared from sight, I turned around to wait for whatever had them on the run. This buck was already in view.

He clearly had their scent and was wasting no time moving up the trail. He seemed oblivious to my presence and kept moving towards me.

Bucks can be unpredictable during this time of year and have been known to give people a sound thrashing. When he got within 20 feet of me I decided it was time to gently alert him to my presence, so I said “Smile!” His head shot up and when he finally realized I was standing there, he turned and ran a few feet back down the trail.

He stopped to give me one last look before running away. I think he was making an appeal that I keep this encounter just between the two of us.


  1. That beautiful young buck looks like he's in excellent condition. What a treat to see him so close-up. He's thinking, "Mom said there would be days like these!" What a great blog you have, and a special place to share with us. Thank you for your fungus ID suggestion, and for the word of caution about tasting -- I'm totally on board with that. I'm glad you visited my blog! Thank you and have a wonderful day -- Bonnie in WA

  2. I chuckled at your entry. :o) Great photos, so close! I'm glad you survived the encounter!

  3. I must say I don't think I've noticed a deer's pupils before! That is risky - But he's beautiful.