Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Mask Sources

CAUTION: If there’s any satisfaction to be gotten from this post, it will only happen if you have already viewed the post from yesterday. If you have not yet viewed the October 31, 2009 post, you are urged to stop reading and skip on down the page to Saturday before returning here. Those who choose to ignore this warning may miss the most enlightening experience of their lives. Or, it may make no difference.

Here are the sources of yesterday’s images. Tomorrow I’ll go back to some more conventional Nature.

A – Grim Reaper. A decomposing deer skull. It’s still kind of hard to tell from this angle.

A – Grim Reaper. Skull from the side.

B – Space Alien. Seed pod of the False Aloe. I took this while collecting seeds and pulled all but one pod off the stalk before taking the Halloween shot.

C – Lost Soul. One of the thousands of walnut shells the squirrels have left around my yard. The squirrel did the placement at the corner of this old gate.

D – Casper in Cobwebs. Outside hind wing of the American Lady Butterfly.

E – Gargoyle. End buds of a Shingle Oak.

F – Angry Ent. Tree cavity rotated 180 degrees.

G – Parasite. Another deer skull.

H – Baby Dinosaur. A third deer skull.

I – Angry Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Bundleflower seed pods rotated 90 degrees.


  1. I enjoyed this, morbid as it is! (Though I wouldn't show it to any deer friends ;)

  2. I got a real kick out of this, Steve. Very clever!