Saturday, April 3, 2010

Turkey Display

The male Turkeys have once again committed themselves providing a manly vision for the hens. They have seemingly lost their appetites for corn and spend their time trying to look like the perfect mate.

A slight intrusion on my part doesn’t slow down the display. He just watches long enough to be certain I’m not moving closer and then continues with his business.

This is the classic turkey pose. I must have colored a hundred pictures like this in elementary school.

I wonder how much energy it takes to hold those feathers erect. They can do this for hours and if a female seems to be taking notice, they intensify the display to the point that their feathers look like they could fly right off their body.

The hens have finished eating and are heading out into the field. The males obediently follow.

Where ever the hens go, the males bring up the rear. They seem to patiently follow along through the entire day. It reminds me of a day at the mall with my wife.

Whenever the hens slow down to feed, the males get together to strut and fluff their feathers. This behavior will go on for a couple of weeks. Finally, the hens will go off on their own to make a nest and begin to lay a clutch of eggs. Then the roving band will be composed entirely of males that find a display area and wait for the females to come for a visit.

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  1. I have had some young male turkeys hanging around and posted a picture of one with just a white cap on his head. I tryed to find something about the stages they mature but couldn't!! He tryed to show of to the other boys but couldn't get his strut together:) Like the wife at the mall comment.Great!! Nice shot's!!