Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nests and Eggs

I took a stroll around to see how egg laying activities were progressing in the local nests.  Two boxes contain four Bluebird eggs each.  I’m seeing Bluebirds all around the field, but I don’t know where all of these birds are nesting.  Tree Swallows have claimed half a dozen boxes, but have not yet begun to lay eggs.

I found this Robin’s nest a few days ago.  The odd angle of the nest comes from my holding the camera at arms length above my head to get a shot without disturbing the nest.

The nest was in the fork of a low White Pine branch, far out from the trunk.

This is the way things looked following a violent wind storm.  The nest wasn’t very well anchored and probably just popped off the branch as the storm thrashed the tree.

The eggs look like they just broke as they fell from the nest.  I don’t think any type of predator was responsible for this loss.

A Cardinal has its nest in the juniper bush overhanging the Water Garden.  The female has been sitting on these three eggs for about a week.

For this shot, I pulled back an overhanging branch to improve the view.  The nest is normally roofed by a thick mass of cedar leaves.  The female voluntarily left the nest and was down near the pond when I moved in to take these shots.  I don’t scare birds off their nests just to get a picture.

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