Thursday, April 19, 2012

Song Sparrows

Apparently a portion of my garden fence runs through the edge of a territory claimed by a pair of Song Sparrows.  Both birds became agitated when I stopped in their territory to splice together two rolls of fence wire.  This one stayed close and chastised me with a continuous series of chip notes.

Fortunately, I was surrounded by suitable perches from which the sparrow could comfortably scold.  A favorite seemed to be a tangle of Concord grape vines growing behind the garden.  I suppose this site offered just a bit more security in the face of a potential threat.

Although the Song Sparrow never stopped announcing my presence, he seemed most intent on collecting small insects.  He found several in the grape vines, which might have been a stronger reason for spending so much time in their tangle.

From more open perches, frequent trips to the ground were made to collect what he spotted from his perch.  The brown leaves shriveled on the vine are the result of our recent frosts.

The second Song Sparrow stayed farther out in the field.  I’m guessing there’s a nest with young somewhere in the vicinity. 

He didn’t seem to mind the fact that the fence was shaking because of my splicing activities.  I wonder if this is a way of asserting claim over a new structure in his territory.

It looks like his patience has worn thin and he’s stomping his foot to emphasize his command that I finish my work and move on.  I hate to tell him that I’ve been stomped by some pretty forceful supervisors, but they’ve never been able to change my work style.

Bonus Shot:  I’ve mentioned before that I see faces in just about every photo.  I found this image in the grape leaves and call it A Man and His Cat.

A Camera Critters submission.


  1. .....haha! Love that little foot-stomping song sparrow! (and I definitely see the face!)

  2. Lovely shots of the Song Sparrow. Have a great weekend!

  3. we love them life would be dull without

  4. I just love sparrows and these are great shots. What wonderful details.

  5. Sweet....I love 'em all, but that one that shows it dancing [stomping its foot] is just too good for any words I can post!!!


  6. Those are great, Steve! The one with his foot in the air made me laugh!

  7. Great to see the personality of these sweet little birds. I liked your bonus shot too.

  8. I Kelly. I'm always encouraged when other people can see the faces.

    Thanks Eileen.

    Hi I Beati. You're right. No matter where you go, there always seem to be sparrows around to keep up company.

    Thanks Joanne.

    Thanks Anni. I used to enjoy the Budweiser Clydesdales in parades when I lived in St. Louis many years ago.

    Thanks Brian.

    Thanks Denise. I'm glad you enjoyed the bonus.

  9. 'Song' Sparrows are new to me; delightful photographs Steve

  10. Enjoyable series, especially the foot stomper. Yep, a man and a cat.

  11. Thanks Carole.

    Hi Betty. I'm glad you also saw the cat.