Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lizard on the Rocks

This is my first 2012 lizard encounter.  I found this large Northern Fence Lizard in one of the bedrock exposures on a steep, south facing slope. 

In my opinion the rocks make a perfect shelter.  I would certainly choose to live here if I was some small, vulnerable creature.

I shifted my foot and the lizard instantly looked in the direction of the movement.  These guys have excellent eyesight and always seem to see me before I see them.

The blue coloration on the throat identifies this specimen as a male.  The blue is most visible when the lizard is engaged in territorial defense behavior or courtship activities.

It doesn’t look like there’s any shortage of food items in this jumble of rock.  I seldom see lizards that are as plump as this fellow.

After a while, the lizard headed away and disappeared beneath one of the rock slabs.  He looks as though he’s daring me to follow.

I always give the rocks a look when I’m in the area, on the off chance that some animal will be out moving about.  I think they usually see me coming and make themselves scarce. 

A Camera Critters submission. 


  1. What a good image catch! Yes, he does look pretty plump. I'm sure the rain has increased the insects that he is devouring. :)

  2. beautiful lizard...beautiful shots and views too :-) Dropping by from Camera Critters

  3. Cool looking lizard, great sighting!

  4. Wonderful photos... wow, this one has really a big belly!

  5. Awesome! One of my best friends photographs these awesome critters, and when I finally get to visit and go 'shooting' with him, he's going to take me to try to photograph them.

  6. He's a great-looking lizard. We have property in your area and I've seen smaller ones around. I've found the remains of one about this size on the rocks along the creek.
    Love finding your blog. I'll be following it.

  7. A very handsome lizard. I don't get to see them very often but always enjoy them when I do. I have never taken lovely photos like this one though.

  8. Hi Lois. There certainly are plenty of insects. He could have had a good meal of those insects biting me while I was trying to take pictures.

    Hi Theresa. I agree that he is beautiful, but we gentlemen prefer to be referred to as handsome.

    Thanks Jessica.

    Thanks Eileen.

    Thanks Pia. I’m still amazed at the size of that belly.

    Thanks Misty. Hope you have good luck with your lizard photography.

    Hi Pat. I don’t see the big guys very often.

    Hi Denise. Sometimes these lizards will let you get right up and almost stick the camera in their faces.

  9. Beautiful shots.

    Come and see the cicada in my critter entry.

  10. Hi Rose. I saw the cicada. That would certainly be a surprise for the mail carrier. I hope it managed to shed its skin without any difficulty. I also liked the chipmunk.