Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Spot of Sun

When a tree falls in the woods, a hole in the canopy is the usual result.  Suddenly, a shaft of sunlight invades a previously shadowed area.  The sun is a beacon for all things craving light and the illuminated area becomes a center of activity.  I like to approach these areas slowly in an effort to glimpse the creatures that thrive in the tiny sunny patch.

Rapid movement along the top of the fallen log assured me that there was something interesting going on.

A young Northern Fence Lizard hunting insects along the length of the log.  Flies appeared to be the only type of prey available and the lizard was having a hard time catching any of those.  Perhaps this guy hasn’t yet mastered the art of the sneaky ambush.

Even a young lizard has that wizened expression normally associated with age.  The look may have been one of wise adult, but the actions were more like an inexperienced youth.

This is only the second season that the tree has been on the ground.  The exposed log, tangle of dead branches and deep drift of dead leaves make this ideal lizard habitat.  This could remain as a prime lizard nursery for many years.  With luck, a large skink will take up residence here.

After a time of futilely chasing flies, the lizard moved down into the smaller branches nearer the ground.  His obviously good health is evidence that he does possess adequate hunting skills.  He just failed to demonstrate his prowess to me today.

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