Saturday, June 9, 2012

Young Gray Squirrels

The spring crop of Eastern Gray Squirrels has left the nest and joined the adults in the search for food.  In a span of about a week, the Blue Jay Barrens population of squirrels has tripled.  The youngsters are evident by their smaller size, unflagging energy and unconcern of approaching humans.

Birds have had to take a back seat to squirrels.  The early morning hours ring with the clang of squirrels jumping to and from the feeder.

This influx of new squirrels is not limited to the yard.  The woods are suddenly alive with squirrels.  That will be a problem if the trees fail to produce a bounty of food this fall.

The young squirrels treat the woodpecker tree as if it were a backyard jungle gym.  All seem to have their preferred route through the tree and repeat the same trip constantly.  This activity probably uses up all of the energy gained by the few sunflower seeds they manage to eat between trips.

Once atop the stub, there’s the obligatory look around.

A practice jump to the feeder is accomplished on the way down.  The youngsters are pretty good at making the jump, but they haven’t caught on to taking a sunflower seed while they’re there.  They wait and pick those up off the ground.

Sometimes there’s a little rest before hitting the ground.  Squirrels are one of the few mammals that can look comfortable sprawled out on a vertical surface.

Once back on the ground, they look for the sunflower seeds knocked out by their jump to the feeder.  They’re quick about it because it’s almost time to head back up the tree.

The only relaxed squirrels are the females who no longer have to nurse their young.  They are trying to replenish their energy reserves for the litter they will deliver in the fall.  It looks like we’re going to have a lot of squirrels around when winter arrives.

A Camera Critters submission.


  1. Great series on your squirrel friend. Have a great weekend!

  2. What wonderful shots of those little squirrels...

  3. A wonderful series on your squirrel friends. So cute and so pesky!

  4. we have a new 'crop' of fox squirrels here, too. they're so cute with their fresh, fuzzy tails!

  5. I love how fearless the young squirrels are! Lovely photos and blog.

  6. I love to watch these cute little critters! Nice series of photos.

  7. Thanks Eileen.

    Thanks Linda.

    Thanks Snap. Cuteness wins over peskiness. At least for a while.

    Hi Theresa. I haven't seen any baby Fox Squirrels yet.

    Thanks Tiffany.

    Thanks Pat.

  8. I love their bushy tails!

    My Critter post. Have a great weekend.

  9. Great squirrel reality tv! Thanks for sharing this wonderful photos!

  10. Hi Rose. You should see those tails when they get soaked by rain. They're like little skinny ropes.

    Thanks Pia.