Saturday, August 25, 2012

Young Fence Lizards

Young Fence Lizards have suddenly begun showing up everywhere at Blue Jay Barrens.  I don’t know if the hatch has been that much greater than previous years or if the drought diminished plants have just left more prime lizard habitat exposed to easier viewing.

All of the lizards seemed to show up on the same day.  I noticed the first just off the front porch.  I looked through the window at the Water Garden and saw movement in the young violet plants. 

I snuck out the door and crawled toward the violets.  The lizard watched me the whole way and stuck around long enough for one photo.

After a quick run through the vegetation, the lizard zipped up the landscape timbers.  It gave me one last look before running the length of the timber and disappearing between two stones.

I headed on out to the barn to gather some tools for the day’s activities and scared a young Fence Lizard that was sunning on the concrete slab outside the barn door.  It scooted off the slab and crawled up the door jamb.  It really blends well with the weathered wood.

The lizard population around the barn keeps increasing, so I must be doing a good job of not harming the little guys.  I keep thinking that one of these days I’ll throw my back out twisting to avoid a small lizard that makes its break for safety right at my feet.  There must be times when they mistake me for some form of shelter.

Later that same day, I saw this youngster sunning on a dead cedar branch at the edge of one of the barrens.  I really love lizard encounters.  It’s nice to see so many additions to the population.


  1. Great catches. Not easy to spot!

  2. Hi Pat. If they didn't move, I'd probably never see them.