Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Color

It was suggested to me that I should not leave the picture of a Multiflora Rose thicket all weekend as the first thing people see when they visit the site. I was told that the rose photo looked like any old tangle of briers and I agreed that it did look that way, if the tangle was one of Multiflora Rose. So, here’s a bit of color for your Saturday morning. This is Butterfly Weed. It and many other flowers are just starting to bloom here. I’ll get out in the prairie and share some of the blooming plants with you next week. For those who prefer insects to flowers, there’s a blurry Milkweed Bug between the two flower clusters.

If you like a little music in the morning, I give you Catbird on a wire. I was serenaded the entire time I was photographing the Butterfly Weed. This is one of those silhouette shots. The background color is the true color of the sky this morning. Things keep getting darker instead of lighter and there’s a very strong breeze. The Catbird’s wire was bouncing up and down and I had to sway along with the Butterfly Weed to get a shot even close to being focused.

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