Saturday, June 13, 2009

Slimy Salamander

I found this Slimy Salamander just off our front porch. A brief shower had wet things down and he was out for a walk. This is the first Slimy Salamander I’ve found on the property. I’ve spent hours looking for salamanders in the woods and here’s the object of my search living outside my front door. Using a camera flash in the dark is not the best way to take pictures of a wet salamander, but he wanted to run and wouldn’t wait for me to get better lighting.

Despite the short legs, this is a fast moving salamander. I blocked him for one last shot, then let him go on his way. The pale, unspotted look of the tail makes me think it has been lost and regenerated at some point. Salamanders can regrow a lost tail very quickly, but the replacement seldom matches the look of the original.

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