Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The first year I owned Blue Jay Barrens I found a comfortable spot atop a steep slope overlooking the creek. I envisioned my self seated on this spot as a myriad of woodland creatures paraded before me. I chose a beautiful spring day as my first experience at this exciting spot and hurried out early to get myself settled.

My view along the creek was unobstructed. I was elevated enough to view directly into the canopies of the trees across the creek. I was perfectly positioned to see migrating warblers foraging in the treetops. I sat for over an hour and I saw nothing. Not a bird. Not a mammal. I’ve set there many times and the only animal I’ve ever seen is a squirrel. It’s still a comfortable spot and a pretty view.

From my seat I can see the big tree that fell into the creek. It won’t be long until all of these little trees block the view. Hopefully the new trees that come in will be straighter than those they are replacing.

Here’s another part of the tree that fell. The little tree beneath it is in a precarious position. Not much chance of it being missed when the big guy falls.

Dead leaves are an indication that all is not well with this tree.

This hole in the base of the tree may be an indicator of part of the problem. Looks like a pretty good sized cavity inside.

One of the nice things about digital cameras is the ability to check out places your head can’t reach. When you do something like this you always hope there’s nothing menacing inside waiting to take your hand off. Looks clear. This hollow trunk isn’t going to support the tree for much longer.

I wonder if the owner of this striped leg is retreating into the hole or coming out to check my hand?

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