Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Return of the Fungi

The mushrooms aren’t really towering over my head, but with all the rain we’ve been having recently, they are growing quite large. With over five inches of rain this month, Blue Jay Barrens has had the third wettest September since I started keeping records 23 years ago. The rain has brought on the fungi and I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to photograph them.

This resembles an Orange Earth Tongue fungi, except that it was growing from a log when the book said it should be growing from the ground.

I’m calling these shelflike fungi Pancake Fungi* since they look like that popular breakfast entrĂ©e. I found them growing from an old apple log. (* Be advised that this name is a personal creation and is not likely to be found in any authoritative Fungi text.)

The underside of the Pancake Fungi. A standard set of fungi mug shots requires top view, side view and bottom view.

This is a fungi know as the Wolf’s-milk Slime (Text book name). At this stage, these balls contain a orange colored paste, some of which can be seen escaping from the middle ball on the left. The dark colored balls are the same species with the spores nearly ripe enough to release.

These tiny fungi give a nice frill to this old cherry stump.

This shelf fungi grew rapidly enough to capture a stalk of grass.

A tiny fungi known as Crested Coral.

If a tree fell in the woods, would this ear hear it? There were several of these fungi in a cluster, but only one looked like an ear.

I think this moss caught against the cap and interfered with the development of the cup.

This is what all the rest looked like.

It looks like this willow was attacked by razor sharp ninja disks

Beneath the ninja disks. Looks like quite a labyrinth.

We’ll end with these lovely little fuzzy fungi. I hope we have a year like this when I’m ready to seriously study fungi identification.


  1. ...like those razor sharp ninja disks...and the ear! The first photograph is beautiful...

  2. Mighty interesting Steve. I haven't noticed the fungi as much lately, but I must not be looking hard enough, b/c we've certainly had enough rain. I really like the first photo, and that shroom that looks like an ear is too comical! My husband was reading an article online yesterday about turning shelf mushrooms into... well, shelves. You preserve them with lacquer or shellac or the like, put hanging hardware on the back, and use them to shelve your favorite nature treasures. I think we're going to try it (except a lot of our large shelf mushrooms are pretty high up!) I'll do a post about it if it works out.

  3. Mushrooms are wonderful creatures and are definitely worth studying (a word from a big mushroom fan).
    We have some of those that occupied your old cherry stump here. They can be of various colors and always look very pretty.
    Crested Corals look great too especially in that green moss.
    Orange fungi look very pretty too. For some reason I still can't make a decent photo of them.