Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wolf Spiders

I was walking through one of the barrens when I spotted this wolf spider wrestling with a Burrowing Wolf Spider at the mouth of a spider burrow. As I approached, the dark colored Burrowing Wolf hurried down into the burrow. Seconds later, the lighter spider followed. I thought this was odd behavior and wondered what kind of activity I had interrupted.

I used my flash to get a shot down the burrow and caught the lighter spider a couple of inches below the surface. No sign of the darker spider.

At the flash, the spider shot back up to the entrance to the burrow. I waited for about five minutes to see if the other spider would come back up. It didn’t, so I wandered off to look around a bit.

When I came back, the spider had fully emerged from the burrow. Now I could see that this was not a burrowing spider. Maybe this spider was just wandering by and got grabbed by the burrow owner.

It’s quite a pretty spider. Wouldn’t these make cuddly pets if they grew to be about twenty pounds?

The light colored soil is what was excavated from this burrow during construction. It doesn’t look like it has experienced much weather. This may be a new burrow.

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