Sunday, October 16, 2011

Orange Fungi

The weather is definitely getting cooler, but I’m still finding loads of fungi popping up. This orange species is one I’ve never seen here before.

I haven’t been able to identify it to species, but the bump in the center of the cap makes me think it’s one of the Waxy Caps. The shape is that of the standard 1960’s version of the flying saucer.

The newly emerging specimens begin with a deep orange color.

As the cap begins to expand, the color fades to a more yellow color.

I thought the ribbed stems had a lot of character. Fungi are fun to photograph and this species offered a lot of interesting views. I was also feeling a bit lazy at the time and enjoyed sprawling on the soft moss to get these under the cap shots.

The older specimens almost appeared to be liquefying.

I pass through this area many times each year, so it’s strange that I’ve never seen this particular fungus in the past. Maybe it just has a narrow range of conditions in which it will send up fruiting bodies. I thoroughly enjoyed its appearance this year and hope to see it again in the future.


  1. Nature's artwork captured with your camera. Wonderful images. :)

  2. This is gorgeous!!! There's a dusting of snow in the forests around here. I'm beginning to lose hope that this year will be a good mushroom year 'round these parts. Enjoy your fungi for me!

  3. Hi, Gabrielle. We've had over two inches of rain so far today. If that brings up anymore fungi, I'll view them in your honor.