Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

A. Quirky Little Character

It’s once again time for a roundup of natural Halloween faces I’ve found this fall at Blue Jay Barrens. Halloween was always my favorite childhood holiday. It wasn’t the costumes or the spooky goings on that I found so attractive. It was the fact that with a little planning and hard work, I could accumulate more sweet goodies in a few hours than I normally got during the entire rest of the year. Christmas was OK, but so much depended on the ambiguous concept of being good. Goodness just didn’t seem to be in my behavioral repertoire. Halloween revolved more around guile, a behavior that came quite naturally to me. I hope you enjoy this year’s offering.

B. Somewhat Embarrassed.

C. Smiling Crab.

D. Crusty Eyes.

E. I Think I’m a Little Fish.

F. Spooky Witch Doctor.

G. Shriveling Skull.

H. The Latest Shade of Green Eye Shadow and Lipstick.

I. Screaming Banshee.

J. Big Headed Alien.

K. I Thumb My Nose at You.

L. Who You Lookin At?


  1. Hee hee..very scary photos! Happy Halloween!!

  2. Hi Dawn. I hope none of the shots were too scary or silly for you. My wife says they all lean towards the silly side.

  3. Silly is just fine once in a while. Some might say absolutely necessary. Spooky pics, loved 'em!

  4. Hi Jain. I've only been silly once in my life. It's not my fault that the condition has lasted for more than 50 years.

    Thanks Kelly.