Sunday, January 10, 2010

Birds Share with Deer

On work days, the corn and sunflower gets put out in the morning while it is still dark. The deer sneak in to take a little corn before things start to get light. Actually, they don’t sneak at all. I can hear them moving around in the yard, waiting for me to get out of the way. On weekends, the feed gets put out when it’s light and the deer forego their meal of corn. Snow makes a few deer brave the hazards of getting close to the birds and come in for a meal. These deer are cautiously sharing a meal with a couple of doves.

The deer are keeping careful watch on the birds at the second feeding area. The constant movement of the birds seems to make it hard for the deer to relax.

After a while, both birds and deer begin to settle down and concentrate on eating. A squirrel has joined the bird group. So far, the squirrels have been active every day this winter. The temperature is 15°F and this guy had to bounce through seven inches of snow to get here.

The deer have settled into eating and have stopped reacting to the constant comings and goings of the doves. Corn is not a very healthy food for the deer. Feeding corn to deer is kind of like giving kids candy; a little bit is OK, but too much is bad. Fortunately, it’s really hard for these deer to pick up the little bits of cracked corn, so they just get enough to curb their cravings.

Party’s over. Something has spooked the whole bunch. Squirrel’s heading for the tree, doves are taking off and the deer are about to bolt. I think they just got a peek at the sun. That’s something we haven’t seen much of lately.

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