Saturday, January 9, 2010

Deer Replace Birds

Once the birds have retired for the evening, the deer move in to clean up any left over corn. The deer in the foreground is the dominant doe and claims total control of her feeding area.

Several small groups routinely come through here looking for corn and the groups normally do not mix. In this photo, there are six deer eating and four more waiting on deck at the edge of the field in the upper right.

Bucks rarely come to the feeders for corn. The does ran this guy off before he could even check for something to eat.

When the deer eat, there’s always a lot of chasing and running and regrouping. The dominant doe has spotted a youngster trying to sneak up from behind the tree. She’s just preparing to give chase.

While she was off chasing, another youngster hurried over to her spot. Approaching with ears down is a clear warning to go away. The interloper’s body is already in motion, but he’s trying to get one more piece of corn before running.

The deer in the background has lost the use of one of her front legs. I first noticed her limping across the field about two weeks ago. I would expect the coyotes to thin her from the herd sometime soon.

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