Tuesday, January 19, 2010

View from Snowy Hill

The snow is now gone, but these photos haven’t yet reached their seven day limit. I thought I would go ahead and post them, just in case we didn’t get any more snow this year. Winter is the season when drastic visual changes can occur within a day and people will notice that a picture, even though recent, does not depict the conditions of the day. The trail leads down to the house, which can be seen in the right center of the photo. The trail makes a super sledding track, but you have to know how to steer because you’re in trouble if you run into one of the ant hills at the bottom.

The mowed field. Dogwoods, little shrubs and red flags really stand out against the snow. The Red-shouldered Hawk continues to hunt in this field.

In the background is the woods on the ridge top. You know the ridge isn’t very wide when you can see the sky through the trees. Between the prairie in the foreground and the woods, is the valley and creek.

The dry snow filtered between the grass stalks, so all of the seed heads were left standing. Last year at about this time, we experienced a storm that left the grass flattened by heavy, wet snow and freezing rain.

Looking out the ridge towards the west. Little Bluestem and Side-oats Gramma dominate here, so there’s not much in the way of grass stems to hide the snow. The two Yucca plants really stand out. They’re targeted for termination. Notice the dark shape beneath the cedar just left of center.

Cropped and enlarged, you can see that this is a doe that bedded down where she could watch all approaches. She’s watching as I wander around the top of the hill. She didn’t stay around long once I started heading in her direction.

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  1. ...I hope we get more snow and these aren't your last snow shots! I just love it when it snows. You have a beautiful view...