Saturday, March 26, 2011


The nearly 80 degree weather we had a couple of days ago brought toads to the pond to call for mates. When the storm came through on Wednesday night, the temperature fell 30 degrees in about 10 minutes. I hope the toads had a chance to take cover before they got too cold.

The water was crystal clear and just the right depth to make the toads comfortable. Toads have been in decline at Blue Jay Barrens. I’m hoping that the construction of additional breeding pools will help restore their numbers.

This guy looks like he’s enjoying a bubble bath. The bubbles are actually produced by oxygen being released by mosses that have been submerged near the edge of the pond. The moss grows extremely well in cool water and produces oxygen like crazy. Just to be clear, I’m talking about true mosses and am not using the term incorrectly to describe the algae mats that commonly grow in ponds.

Hopefully, toad tadpoles will join the mix of amphibian larvae in the pond this year. Salamanders have already hatched and there are several frog species busily laying eggs. I’ll just have to wait to see if the return of cold weather has messed up the toad’s breeding season.


  1. It looks so busy on the pond homestead. :) I hope the weather and creatures cooperate to give you some great images this Spring.

  2. Frog eggs in the vernal pools are some of my favorite spring things. Spring, spring, spring. Wish it lasted longer.

  3. HI Steve....Is there a possibility the toad's have gas??...thus perhaps the bubble source!! Hahaha!! I do love that photo!!
    I hope your temp's average out and all goes well at the pond!!

  4. Hi, Lois. The radar shows the snow is just about upon us. I'm expecting to awaken to a white morning.

    Hi, Karen. I agree about the vernal pools. I wish they lasted all year. Of course, then they wouldn't be vernal pools any more.

    Grammie g, this blog is for family audiences, so I didn't mention the gas aspect. The temperature is dropping as I type and it looks like we're going to get some snow tonight.