Sunday, March 20, 2011

Turkey Sunday

I wasn't planning on posting today or featuring turkeys again so soon, but the males are reaching their peak coloration and they were just outside the back door.

This is what we all tried to depict in our elementary school Thanksgiving drawings. I never quite captured the magnificence of the real article.

The rare two-headed turkey.

There are plenty of young males in the mix. They are noticeable by their uneven tail feathers, a stub of a beard and mere bumps where the spurs will develop.

Length of the spur can be used as an indicator of turkey age. The beard is constantly trimmed by the scratching action of the foraging turkey, so even though it continues growing, it doesn't continue getting longer.

Displaying turkeys can certainly create an impressive sight.

This would be a good shot to use for one of those traditional "The End" shots at the end of a presentation. Not that I would ever do anything so corny.


  1. :)) How nifty! Corny is just fine - I love it! Great images. :))

  2. Wow! Great Pictures? Love those turkeys.

  3. Hi Steve...what an opportunity and to get these photo and the rare two headed turkey to boot, is a bonus!! lol
    They are beauties aren't they. The last tail shot is great and I would "never" assume you would anything so "corny" LOL : }}

  4. Lois - My wife makes me keep my corniness in check. I can sometimes get carried away.

    Thanks, Blue.

    This is the midwest, grammie g. Corn is a staple.

  5. Great photos! Thanks for sharing a bit of spring- Cheryl

  6. Thanks, Cheryl. I enjoyed visiting with you yesterday.