Sunday, March 27, 2011


I never tire of watching the water flow down the creek. I really enjoyed seeing the water cascading over this rock shelf.

This area of exposed bedrock is fairly stable and doesn’t change much. It’s the volume of water that is continually changing and creating new scenes.

Enlarged by thousands of times, this could be a classic big river waterfall. Slow water accelerates into rough rapids before plunging over the edge into a churning pool.

Occasionally, I just like to enjoy the beauty of a scene and not dwell on the mechanical, chemical, biological or social implications of what I’m viewing. I must have set for nearly a minute watching and listening to the water before something else caught my eye and my mind shifted back into its normal track. Fortunately, for every photo I take, my mood is captured along with the image and can be revisited as often as I like.


  1. Beautiful images and you hit it perfectly about taking pictures. We travel a great deal and the images we capture are our favorite (and usually only) souvenirs.

  2. HI Steve...I love to hear the sound of a little stream of water especially when there is a waterfalls!!
    Looks like a nice spot to just linger,but it seem your a mover and a shaker...and your of on something else!!

  3. Hi, Lois. I'm with you. Pictures are the best souvenirs.

    Hi, grammie g. I rarely sit still when I'm on my own property. Every time I sit down I either see something I should be doing or something I want to go look at. If I'm at someone elses place, I can usually sit and relax.