Friday, March 11, 2011

Turkeys in the Tree

Except when they are roosting, I seldom see turkeys up in a tree. I guess they’re having to search all levels for food this year.

These turkeys are making a meal of Silver Maple flowers.

They began by feeding on flowers that could be reached from the sturdier branches.

Then they progressed to the smaller branches. The tree is loaded with blooms, so the turkeys should be able to stuff themselves.

That is if they don’t fall out of the tree. The smaller branches kept swaying and I think the turkeys were using more energy to maintain their balance than they were getting from the meal. They may be lucky to break even on this venture.


  1. I've seen a couple turkeys in trees, usually as evening roosting occurs. They look so incongruous up there. You really got some nice pictures.

  2. I've never seen anything like this! Blue Jay Barrens Wildlife Refuge.

  3. We've had a handful of turkeys scratching around the back yard but I haven't been able to get close. These images are great!

  4. This looks a lot like the Great Blue Herons I've been seeing in trees roosting down by the river. They land in some large conifers to break branches off for their nest- they don't look very comfortable maneuvering up there!

  5. Thanks, Lois.

    Thanks, Nellie. The only thing that looks stranger than turkeys in a tree is turkeys flying.

    Hi, Mike. Wildlife does seem to look comfortable here.

    Thanks, Jain. The turkeys used to use my garden as a foraging area until I protected it with electric.

    Hi, Mike. Yes, the turkeys do present an image similar to that of the herons.