Saturday, April 2, 2011

Balloon Count

Things are shaping up nicely for having a new record year of finding spent helium balloons at Blue Jay Barrens. My current record is 7 balloons found in 2009. This Minnie Mouse adorned balloon is number 3 for 2011 and I still have 9 months left to go.
This balloon has been here for a while and was almost hidden beneath the leaves. When I pulled it away from the ground I was pleased to see that it was still pliable and hadn’t begun to deteriorate. Some plastic materials become brittle and crumble with age. I hate when that happens. I’m the type of person that will sit and pick up every crumb, just because I hate to think of that trash sitting in my woods.


  1. I so agree about trash in the "wild." One of the many times I was so disgusted was at Niagara Falls as I was framing and focusing for an image and realized there was all kinds of trash just over the rail. Of course, there is all the trash along the highways.... Don't get me started....

  2. I found a balloon on our property this past winter that had a tag attached saying it was released from Sioux Falls, SD nearly 4 months prior to my discovering it. Glad I found it and was able to dump it; I'm the same way when it comes to trash in and around my woods and property.

  3. Hi Steve...well I have seen records for a lot of things but your takes it!!
    These sort of things are pet peeves of mine too, but like Lois said don't get me going!!
    Not everybody has found Mickey and Minnie in there back woods though..good for you for disposing of those little varments!! : }

  4. Hi, Lois. Trash is everywhere. Last week someone dumped a tire and a child's car seat along our road. The next day the car seat was gone. Apparently no one had a need for the tire.

    Hi, Andrew. I haven't found any tags on my balloons. Most of what I find are party balloons that were given their freedom after the celebration.

    Hi, grammie g. I suppose if I ever get really serious about this kind of record, I'll have to save the balloons as proof. I guess I could tack them to the wall of the barn as I find them. But then I think I would just get aggravated every time I looked at them.