Saturday, April 16, 2011

Smoke and Ash

It would be nice to think that the boundaries of Blue Jay Barrens were inviolable to outside threats, but I know that’s not so. On quiet days, I can sometimes imagine I’m dealing with a self contained unit. On most others, I’m aware of the infiltration of influences beyond my control. Then there are those few days when the outside world intrudes with a slap-in-the-face intensity. This was one of those days and it all traced back to the little white speck that floated out of the sky and settled atop some soaked leaves.
As I left the house, I noticed the air was tainted by the odor of smoke. This smoke didn’t conjure images of quiet evenings beside the fireplace or a fun time around the campfire. This was the kind of smoke that reddens the eyes and makes you wonder what types of toxins you are breathing into your system. Someone was taking advantage of a sunny day to burn debris that they’d been accumulating. Some wood and brush I’m sure, but also trash. The smoke was with me for the next couple of hours and flakes of ash fell on me where ever I went.

The ash was a reminder of how little control I have over offsite factors that could profoundly affect the desired course of events at Blue Jay Barrens. The ash represented anything that could become airborne and later settle back to earth. As with so many other events, the person probably had no intent to do harm. They most likely believed they were acting in a responsible manner and were proud of the results of their actions. When things like this happen, about all I can do is accept it and monitor the results. Well, that and become extremely aggravated.


  1. Excellent post, yes, I am often amazed at the lack of consideration people have for their neighbors and the environment.Like you said ,most acts are unkowingly done, I would think, and yet I still find myself wondering how they can be so lacking in knowledge of the environment in which THEY dwell and not consider the outcome of their actions. We have a small preserve park near me where homeowners bordering the preserve planted exotic ground covering vines in their garden landscapes which have invaded and destroyed much of the native flower habitat there.I'm glad I found your blog and I plan to visit.

  2. Thanks, Michael. I'm often baffled by the actions of other people. I have enough trouble understanding why I act as I do.