Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hidden Picture

I flipped a rock in the creek in hopes of finding a salamander larva and I was not disappointed. As is my custom, I snapped a shot as soon as the rock was clear so I would get some type of image, just in case my intended subject took off. As soon as this shot was taken, the larva zipped for cover beneath a large rock and my photo opportunity was over.
When I later checked my shots, I found that I had captured the larva, a Dusky Salamander, but water distortion and the reflection of the sky didn’t make it a very good picture.
Then I noticed something to the left of the larva and zoomed in to find a young crayfish. He’s got something held in his tiny pinchers, but I can’t see it well enough to get an ID.
So I decided to play the old Hidden Picture game I used to enjoy while in the orthodontists waiting room and see what else I could find. There are several Water Pennies in the shot. I like to see these because they are indicators of high quality creek water.
An aquatic isopod is grazing on a submerged stick. These scavengers feed on decaying plant and animal matter. I used to keep these as pets when I was a kid, because they were the closest thing I could find to a living trilobite. I’m always finding things in my photographs that I never saw in the field. It’s a lot of fun to discover these little surprises.


  1. And it's fun to see all your pictures of those treasures! Loved today's post.

  2. It reminds me of the fun we had as kids, too. Just love these images. :)

  3. Thanks, Karen. I enjoyed finding all of those little guys.

    Thanks, Lois. I always have fun when I'm looking for creatures in the water.

  4. I call these things that I unexpectedly find in my photos "Easter eggs". I even made a category for them on my own blog.

  5. Easter Eggs is a very fitting name for these finds, Troy. Thanks for letting me know.