Sunday, April 10, 2011

Night Water Creatures

Warm spring rains always cause the level of activity to increase in the water garden. I went out last night to get a quick look at what was happening. Newts have been busy with their courtship activities and the females are looking or suitable locations to place their eggs.
Green Frog tadpoles have moved up to graze on the fresh algae growth. These tadpoles take a full year to develop into the adult form and spend the winter resting on the bottom of the pond.
These glass-like rods are larvae of the Phantom Gnat. They are predators that have a particular liking for mosquito larvae. These guys are one reason why I have no mosquitoes hatching from my water garden.


  1. Very interesting! I remember catching the tadpoles, keeping them in a jar of creek water and watching then turn into frogs. Poor things. They would have been so much happier in the pond.

  2. Hi, Lois. The majority of tadpoles never manage to become frogs, so you were probably doing them a favor.