Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011 Sources

A. A joined pair of acorn caps sitting on a bug eaten leaf.

Here are the sources of yesterday’s Halloween images. I once had a friend who could never pick out the hidden image in a scene. To him, clouds were just huge masses of water vapor and could never represent anything else. I would say “Hey, doesn’t that look like a _____?” and he would always respond “I don’t see it.” My images from yesterday would have been lost on him. I hope you were able to see the faces in at least a few of them.

B. An old deer skull. I shaded the skull and let the light shine in from behind.

C. Pattern on the side of a Pygmy Grasshopper.

D. Trunk of a dead tree. I believe every tree has a face.

E. Walkingstick shoulders.

F. Downy Woodpecker digging for food in the dead maple.

G. A dried egg shell.

H. Spicebush, Lindera benzoin. Flower buds form the eyes, the leaf scar is the mouth and the nose is next year’s branching bud.

I. Asparagus rhizome.

J. Head of a walkingstick.

K and L. Part of an old deer skull.

Hope you all had a good Halloween.

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