Saturday, November 26, 2011

Moss Turned

I have always enjoyed the look of a thick carpet of bright green moss covering the ground in a shaded woodland. It’s now getting more difficult to find that scene at Blue Jay Barrens. Some animal has decided that these moss beds need to be disturbed. I’m still not certain as to what species of animal is making this mess.

It almost looks like a wild dance had gone on here. Chunks of moss have been torn up and scattered about. Other sections have just been rolled back to expose the soil.

Rolled pieces are not torn or mashed. It’s as if each section had been carefully pealed back.

The exposed ground shows no signs of being disturbed.

There are no tracks, marks or scratches left by the mysterious moss turner. I can’t imagine any mammal being able to accomplish this feat without leaving some sort of sign. It’s possible that some bird is peeling back the moss to get at worms or grubs. I can imagine a Crow laying back the moss in this manner.

The pieces easily fit back into place and show no signs of trauma from the turning. I guess I won’t know for sure what’s happening until I can catch the perpetrator in the act.


  1. Hi Ted. Everything about this seems too neat to be the work of turkeys. Their scratching behavior is more destructive than this. I'll be posting some turkey scratching aftermass in a day or two and you can compare the two.