Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Feast and Guest

I always overstock the feeders on holidays. That way, family and guests can enjoy the wildlife that I see almost every day. It seems right to have Wild Turkeys feasting outside the window on Thanksgiving. Like many people on this day, they seem intent on consuming as much food as they can possibly hold.

The arrival of a deer causes some concern among the flock. We sometimes have guests who cause a similar disturbance.

The turkeys decide to give up their place to the deer and move to another food source. I occasionally manage a similar maneuver when I slip away from the adults and pull up a chair at the kid’s table.

A single Tom refuses to move. The deer seems willing to share the table.

When the turkey’s back is turned, the deer shows its true feelings. I don’t think the deer is really into sharing.

Eventually, more turkeys return to their original feeding station.

Things finally get too crowded for the deer and it moves off to eat clover out of the lawn. It seems that things worked out well for everyone. I hope things run as smoothly for the crowd inside the house.


  1. Hi Steve...Perfect post fitting for the day at!!

    Happy turkey day ...on foot or on the table !! : }


  2. Hi Grace. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I had to go out twice to give the turkeys more corn.