Friday, December 23, 2011

The Creek from Above

In between the rains, we’ve had some beautiful sunny afternoons.  I took a little break to relax on the bluff overlooking the creek.  This is one of my favorite places to sit, despite the fact that I rarely see any birds or other animals from this vantage point.  Things are particularly attractive at this time of year.  By the time spring arrives, floods and snow will have made a mess of the leaves in the floodplain.

This fallen tree once formed a dam that resulted in the creek filling with gravel.  The obstructing branches were torn away in a flood, so the creek has returned to its earlier stone bottom.  I personally find this condition to more attractive.

The upstream view is partially hidden by the trees, but the creek is still visible. 

The water is quite clear and the stones are particularly clean this year.  There have been years in the past when manure from cattle grazing in upstream pastures has increased fertility levels in the water and caused algae to cover the rocks.  Cattle numbers have since been reduced and nutrient levels have dropped to more natural levels.

The waterfall is producing a merry splash and gurgle.  The sound sometimes carries quite a distance.

My resting bench looks rather lonely down there by the trail.  I purposely kept the bench away from the vicinity of the waterfall, so I could hear what was happening in the surrounding woodland.  I enjoy the sound of the waterfall, but it can be a little overpowering at times.


  1. "despite the fact that I rarely see any birds or other animals from this vantage point"
    Odd - Why do you think that is? It looks like a great spot for taking in the arrival of the Neotropical migrant birds


  3. Hi James. I thought the same thing when I first saw it years ago. I spent an hour sitting there one nice spring morning without even hearing a bird. All the migrants are either in the ridgetop woods or working their way along the fencerows.

    You may be right Mike. Maybe I'm more exposed there than I think.