Friday, December 30, 2011

Creek from Below

The resting bench sits at the edge of the trail along the creek.  It’s a peaceful place to relax.  Hills on two sides tend to muffle distant sounds.  This is also the zone that is so often devoid of birds and other animal life.  Maybe the bench itself acts as some sort of talisman that warns away the wildlife.

The bench has been in place for 25 years and shows no signs of wear.  It seems that a squirrel has chosen this year to chew the edges of the seat.  Squirrels are the one animal that I do see at this spot on a regular basis.  They often cover the seat with acorn shells, but this is the first time they’ve actually shown aggression towards the bench.

Up there at the top of the slope is where I enjoy the view of the creek from above.  Sitting with my back to the tree allows for an excellent view of the creek and floodplain.

The creek hugs the toe of the slope.  The floodplain to the right is often covered with water, but the creek makes no move in that direction.  The energy of the rushing water works against the rocky slope.  At some point, I believe the release of some large rocks into the creek will change the balance and cause the water to work against the shallow bank.  It could be decades before that happens.

The rocky bottom provides ideal conditions for a wealth of stream insects.  Mayflies, Stoneflies, Water Pennies, Fishflies and many others abound here.

The water burbles quietly through this stretch.  You’re aware of the sound of the stream, but it isn’t loud enough to interfere with hearing the activity in the surrounding woods.

The waterfall is visible far upstream of the bench.  This is probably the most stable stream rock formation on the property.  The solid slabs of limestone bedrock stand up well to the erosive effects of the flowing water.  The resting bench has a great view of the creek and is a wonderful place to spend some idle time.  My problem is that I can’t seem to sit for more than a few seconds before the creek entices me into the channel.


  1. Steve , maybe if the bench was the same design as a wooden adirondack chair you may be apt to sit a spell longer. the creek would have a more diffucult time calling you away.

  2. Hi Lois. It can be very peaceful at times.

    Hi Mike. There could be a La-Z-Boy out there and I would still wander away.