Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Pond is Back

Two and a half inches of rain earlier in the week gave us back our pond. After three days of rain, the clouds disappeared and allowed the late afternoon sun to brighten up the scene. The pond water is still a bit cloudy from mud washed in from the road, but it will soon clear.

I don’t know if this is an especially bright and shiny clump of willows or if it just seemed that way because of all the gray days I had just experienced.

The high water only lasts a few days. This is the water level that will typically be carried through the winter.

What was once an almost solid stand of willows has become mostly dogwoods. The change began after a year of extreme drought and was completed in just a couple of years.

The dogwood branches tend to lean out over the water and are used by songbirds that come to the pond for water.

Now that the pond is full, I’m watching for the arrival of salamanders. Jefferson Salamanders have entered the pond as early as December 20 and stayed right through March. Seeing a salamander in the pond makes me feel that spring is almost here, even when it happens on the first day of winter.

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