Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ice Crystals

One of the positive aspects of cold weather is the creation of frost formations.  Conditions are best when the soil surface is saturated with water and humidity levels are high.  Cold nighttime temperatures combined with plenty of moisture can create some wonderful works of ice art.

Water wicking up the grass blade has been transformed into impressive crystalline rods.  These structures are incredibly fragile.  The slightest touch could cause them all to shatter.  In one case, the warmth of my breath melted everything before I could capture a shot.

Grounded leaves take on a new brilliance when decorated by the sharp angled ice crystals. 

It looks like the ice crystals are trying to mimic the pappus on these boneset seeds.

These crystals all formed in the span of one cold night.  Rising daytime temperatures quickly put an end to their existence.

What an amazing collection of crystalline structures.  This is another one of those wonders that can not be experienced from a standing position.  I know many people who will not put their faces close to the ground.  If I want them to see something, I have to lift the object to their eye level.  Even then some will shy away.  There are so many small things that are such a joy to view.  It’s a shame people won’t make the effort to see them.

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