Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hunting Hawk

As I suspected would happen, there have been several hawks hunting in the mowed fields. This Red-shouldered Hawk had the field to itself yesterday afternoon. The Bluebird boxes served well as hunting platforms.

The spacing of the boxes allowed the hawk to cover most of the field.

Fence posts around the garden were also used.

Finally prey was spotted and the attack was on. Unfortunately the capture took place behind some trees and I failed to catch the action.

At least the hawk came back to the fence to consume its meal. From the color, I’d say the catch was one of the many voles that ran from my mower.

 It didn’t take the hawk long to finish eating and move on.

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  1. Most excellent for you! I never tire of seeing raptors on the hunt (or preening, or flying, or just sitting or...)