Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yard Deer

I feed the birds a mixture of black oil sunflower seed and cracked corn. On average, I put out about eight pounds of the mix each day. There is also an assortment of mammals that share this bounty. This deer’s rush to the food has been stopped because of the intense bird activity it has encountered.

On work days, the food is put out in the early morning darkness. While walking back to the house, I can hear the deer hurrying through the yard to get their nibble of corn. On days that I’m home, I wait for the sun to rise before going out. The deer are hesitant to approach the feed while birds are zipping every which way. The doe on the left is moving in slowly to check out the situation. Her fawn of this spring is with her and just seems to have noticed that the rest of the herd is not following.

Here they are, waiting to see if it’s safe.

Maybe a little hoof stomping will move those birds back.

The youngster is just going to hang back and let Mom take care of things.

She tries a cautious circling maneuver. There’s no telling what the birds might do to her.

“Walk right in, Mom. They’re just birds.”

The circling didn’t work. Those birds aren’t going to move.

“Oh @#*#@!! Where’d he come from?”

“It’s a bust guys. Let’s get out of here.”

“Mom. Do you know how embarrassing this is?”

“Let’s go pull up some of those red flags.”


  1. Wow, I knew deer were skittish around people, but I had no idea they were skittish around birds, too! I would think they would be used to them and realize that such little creatures pose them no harm. A great series of photos here, with some humorous commentary to boot.